Olá! — Hello!

and welcome to Resilient Standards, the portfolio of digital designer Helder Barão. Working out of Lisbon and available for freelance projects. Previously I was the Design Lead for Product at Muzzley, one of the most promissing portuguese start-ups based in Lisbon and Silicon Valley. Before that I've been fortunate enough to be part of Kwamecorp, a forward thinking creative agency, working with brands such as Samsung, Impossible, Google, Fairphone and others, collaborating on the creation of amazing products.

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Designer as Translator

I’ve been working amongst designers, developers and managers for a while now. Communication between team elements can be harsh. Although the profile of the intervenient is the key, clarity in the design hand-off is crucial. Technical specs and style guides are as important as the design itself. Art becomes xxhdpi, @2x(+) or XVGA. Light becomes code and layouts become short films. Until we get it done. For the sake of the user.

Motion is Beautiful

People go WOW when things move. But there’s a lot more to motion design and animation that the wow factor. Besides making the next killer promo, music video or corporate moving shebangs, motion design has become a quintessential feature of modern digital applications, guiding the users, solving and evolving complex interactions. In the end: making it fun to use.

Skills as Keywords

User interface design; mobile; desktop; SketchApp; Zeplin; branding; strategic thinking; motion design; Photoshop; photography; image composition and retouching; Illustrator; video editing; prototyping; design thinking; After Effects, to name a few in no particular order.

What you didn't read above

I’m a lighthearted and humorous designer working in the realms of the internet, digital technology and innovation since 2006. A fan of modernism with an utmost respect for the heritage of graphic design. A lover and creator of animated pixels. I’m looking forward to join a team of likeminded, design driven individuals creating the products of the future. I'm personally interested in the fields of video, streaming media, music, lifestyle and branded content. 

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