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Muzzley App
Shaping the future of your smarthome

Muzzley is one of the few products that are trully shaping the future. And when it comes to IoT the future isn't arround the corner yet. As connected devices hit the market the experiences around them are painfully scattered. More than integrating and letting the user control an oustanding number of smart devices, Muzzley let's the user automate the most recurrent routines. On top of that, an Artificial Intelligence layer makes spot on suggestions for the user, automating yet another set of actions, suggesting new devices and educating the user about his/her's perfect smarthome.


For 10 months I was the Visual Design Lead for Product. Alongside my fellow UX Lead we had the task of quickly putting together a small team to tackle a major revamp of the application in an agile way and working with the inherent constraints of a startup. We had a vast amount of work to do in a very short time, just in time for CES 2016 actually. Aided by two other designers, I was in charge of designing native experiences for 3 different platforms, Android, iOS and Windows Phone, and bridging with the Engineering team making sure we had an optimal consistency in style and performance across all platforms. The task required a broad set of skills, from UI design to motion design, creative writing and spec sheet production.

The Muzzley Feed

This is the area where Muzzley actually speaks to you. We designed a card based system where the user engages in a conversation receiving advice on the most adequate devices and taking action onto creating automation rules, creating his/her own personalised smart home.


We designed a set of icons for a multitude of uses, in two different shades: dark and clear. Icons were mostly designed by Luís Mestre with the help of André Ferreira and myself. Here's a sample.


Agents are automated cause and effect rules. Muzzley does all the thinking for the user, creating secure connections between all of his/her devices. Agents are at the core of the true, secure, sustainable and intelligent home.


Device Tiles

Tiles are the solution for a quick status overview of all devices. Behind these tiles are interfaces designed in a modular way, so they can adapt to the particularities of each kind of lightbulb, thermostat, sensor, etc. Interfaces were designed by Inês Lopes, Luís Mestre and Helder Barão. Here’s just a few of them.


Onto the realm of Marketing

After a stable product it's time for shameless self promotion. Every now and then I would shift focus towards designing and supervising outbound communication materials, ensuring a consistent language across all channels. Marketing materials span from print collaterals, direct mailing, newsletters, online advertising amongst others. Here's a few newsletters we produced, designed mostly by Inês Lopes.


Helder Barão: Visual Design Lead
João Monteiro: UX Design Lead
Inês Lopes: Visual Design
Luís Mestre: Visual Design
Paulo Adrião: Communication Design


Lisbon, Portugal
Redwood City, California