The beauty
is in the stats.

Samsung Kick Football
The beauty is in the stats

Covering most of the European football competitions, Samsung KICK is an Andriod app that delivers contextual, personalised content before, during and after matches. Keeping up with live games is as easy as it can be with the Kick Live widget. Follow favourite leagues, teams and players and compare them with a comprehensive set of visual stats.

For three months I was responsible for the visual re-design of the application, working between London and Lisbon. Samsung Kick is now part of the Galaxy mobbile apps ecosystem and is being channeled to all the flagship models of the Korean giant.


Kick Live Widget
Kick Live lives on top of everything the users phone. Whenever a favorite team is playing the widget gets activated. Just pull the green tab placed in the edge of the phone to reveal the full widget. It's a quick and easy way to follow scores of multiple teams at once.


Kick Edge Alerts
An innovative way to notify users about goals and scores on Galaxy Edge devices.

Visual Design Exploration
Other designs were fleshed out before the final design got approved. Here's some of them.


Helder Barão: UI Design, Motion Design
Nico Cornwall: UX Design
Clément Gourdeau: Product Owner

Samsung MSCE (via Kwamecorp)

London, UK
Lisbon, Portugal