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Samsung Milk Video
Engaging with Millennials through short format video content

Milk Video was Samsung's latest venture for mobile video discovery targeted at millennials. For almost 5 months I worked as a hybrid fleshing out UX explorations, visual proposals and above all, motion design explorations. We designed and prototyped 3 different concepts for this application. After several focus groups and tests we reached a final design. I was ultimately responsible for the motion side of the project, tweaking out dozens of section transitions, micro interactions and scrolling effects.

I co-own a patent for the signature interaction with the category selector.


Launch video
By the time of release I prepared a launch video for the playstore and other applications. At this time of creation the app was still code named 'Volt'.

Motion Exploration
I did a big number of motion explorations such as transitions, micro interactions and scrolling effects until we reached the sweet spot. Here's a sample.


Helder Barão: UX/UI, Lead Motion Design
Giulio Pascoli: Lead UX/UI Design
Tussanee Garcia-Shelton: UX/UI
Rachel Kobetz: Creative Direction

2015 CES Innovation Awards Honoree -  Software and Mobile Apps

Samsung MSCA & Services and Innovation Lab (via Kwamecorp)

San José, California
Lisbon, Portugal